The Best Daily Weight Loss Affirmations for 2022

by Millie
daily weight loss affirmations

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I had a conversation recently with a friend who also struggles with her weight and after a lengthy debate, we concluded that one reason why diets are so hard is that the start of every diet is negative. We complain that we are so fat or so out of shape. We hate our big belly, large hips or flabby arms. But what if we flip the switch? What if we tell ourselves that I enjoy eating healthy food? Or I love the way exercise makes me feel. What if we start doing positive daily weight loss affirmations?

Many times we say these negative statements openly and publicly, but we also say them subconsciously. Quite frankly we constantly boy shame ourselves and we are very good at it! But are these negative statements harmful? And what if we change to self-talk that affirms more positive beliefs.

I once read, if you don’t learn to control your thoughts, you will never know how to control your behaviour. 

daily weight loss affirmations
New mindset with daily weight loss affirmations leads to new results

What Are Affirmations 

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you replace negative, unhelpful or self-sabotaging thoughts. They became popular in the 1920s and can be simple reminders or powerful inspiration to change. They are meant to reprogram the subconscious mind and in the case of weight loss, helps us to believe that we can lose weight and keep it off.

Daily weight loss affirmations can reprogram your brain to believe that you are healthy and fit as you work on getting to your goal weight. 

I love weight loss quotes and here are two that are relevant to why it’s important to change your negative thoughts. Once you learn to control your mind, anything you want is possible. Put another way, the body achieves what the mind believes. 

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weight loss affirmations
Change negative thoughts to positive

Do Affirmations Work

Yes! Research has shown that affirmations have “benefits across threatening situations; affirmations can decrease stress, increase well being, improve academic performance and make people more open to behavior change.

When I think of weight loss and those of us on a weight loss journey, we are definitively stressed and need a lot of help with behavior change. I can’t say we are in threatening situations, but there are times when faced with a thousand temptations we can feel threatened. 

Think of the ads we see and hear every day on TV, radio, social media, billboards, etc. They obviously work on us and are very effective and so we buy these products and services. In a similar way, your negative thoughts are like our ads about ourselves. 

How about cancelling the negative ads and replacing them with positive ads. 

How to Use Affirmations

daily weight loss affirmations
Repeat weight loss affirmations in the mornings and before bed

Experts recommend that in order to be effective, affirmations are to be repeated daily three to five times, and ideally in the morning and before bed. You can do one or more affirmations as you please.

A friend told me that she feels silly repeating statements that she knows are not true! I reminded her that she only feels silly because she has decades of believing the opposite is true. Try listening to only positive ads or positive statements about yourself.

I rarely, almost never, hear my fit friends complain about going to the gym. They always seem to have time in their busy schedules to exercise. 

A few years ago, I travelled around Italy for two weeks with a fit friend and it didn’t matter how busy our day was, she was always in the gym before breakfast. When I asked her about it, she simply said, “I love working out, I can’t start my day without it. 

On the other hand, I truly felt that I was too tired from sightseeing to exercise. And in fact, I actually thought that my friend was crazy. 

Fast forward to last year, after a few months on my weight loss journey; I vacationed at an amazing resort in Jamaica for a week. I walked before breakfast and after dinner every day. I also did an aquafit class before lunch every day. And I rode a stationary bike in the gym three times.

What was the difference? It was a change in my mindset and thoughts that led to me have a very active vacation. Now, I like the way I feel when I exercise. I like feeling strong. I enjoy pushing myself a little bit more every day. 

I returned from Italy 6 pounds heavier. I blamed the pasta and gelato. I returned from Jamaica 4 pounds lighter. I thanked my new positive mindset.

Are there days when I am too tired to exercise? Yes, but now I like the way I feel when I exercise. So I exercise. Simple as that. 

I also have a similar change when it comes to food. For example, I used to say that I hate anything green. Now, I happily look for different vegetables to buy and ways to add them to my recipes.

You too can harness the power of daily weight loss affirmations to help you lose weight.  I have researched the best affirmations for weight loss and I would love to share them with you. Sign up below to receive a powerful daily weight loss affirmation for 30 days. 

You can have the email handy on your phone and it will be super easy and convenient to repeat the daily weight loss affirmation in the morning and evening, or at any other time you need a little boost of confidence.

Of course, the weight will not magically fall off just by repeating weight loss affirmations. You still need to change your diet and exercise. But the affirmations will change your mindset and will be one more tool in your weight-loss tool kit. 

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daily weight loss affirmations
You can write your own weight loss affirmations

Write Your Own Daily Weight Loss Affirmations

If you want, feel free to write your own weight loss affirmations.  Here are the guidelines for the best affirmations that actually work:

  1. Begin your statement with I or I am as you want to turn the statements into a new identity. For example, I love to exercise. I am getting healthier every day.
  2. Use only positive statements. For instance, I love the way my body feels when I make healthy choices.
  3. Include emotional words. I feel happy when I exercise instead of I exercise every day.
  4. Use the present tense. I am, not I will or when I lose the weight I will be …
weight loss affirmations
Start and end your day with weight loss affirmations

Sample Daily Weight Loss Affirmations

Here’s a sample of daily weight loss affirmations for a week:

Day 1: I adore the taste of healthy food.

Day 2: I love exercising and it makes me feel great.

Day 3: I am beautiful, healthy and fit.

Day 4: I love the way I feel when I exercise.

Day 5: I easily lose weight every moment of the day.

Day 6: I love my body and everything it does for me.

Day 7: I eat food that nourishes my body.

weight loss affirmations
Start receiving weight loss affirmations

Sign up Now for Daily Weight Loss Affirmations!

Losing weight is hard. I know how hard it is. I also know how many times we have all failed and sadly unless we make positive changes, we may fail again. But I do know that once you control your mind, you can conquer the body.

I want to have as many weapons as possible to help me reach my goals. Of course, a healthy diet is important. Of course, exercise is important. Now let’s work on getting a positive mindset as well.

One of my favorite quotes is, if you don’t learn to control your thoughts, you will never know how to control your behaviour. 

Get the first daily weight loss affirmation right in your box today and begin to control your thoughts. You got this!

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. The Best Daily Weight Loss Affirmations for 2022

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Krysten Quiles -

Love this so much. I’ve lost about half the weight I set my mind to, 2021 is a time to finish what I started for sure.

Millie -

Thanks, Krysten. 2021 is your year to reach your weight loss goals! Good luck!

Kim -

Oh Millie, what great tips! I use a vision board for my goals and it’s a way to re-inforce positive affirmations. I am a true believer, yet somehow manage to never prioritize my ‘health’ and this stops now. You are such a huge inspiration!

Millie -

Thanks, Kim! I have never used a vision board, but I know a lot of people who have had success with it. Bring out your vision board and lose the weight for good!

Knashz -

Having a positive mindset, I believe, is a really good way to go about with anything. Including weight loss!

Millie -

Hi Knastz, you are right! Have a positive mindset and eventually you will be successful with anything, including weight loss.

Ashley -

What awesome tips! Reinforcing affirmations helps me through my daily routines!

Millie -

Thanks, Ashley! Keep going with your daily affirmations!

rachel -

YES! I use affirmations every single day!!

Millie -

Hi Rachel, You got it! Affirmations definitely work.

Angie Rose -

I feel like having positive outlook is the perfect way to overcome daily struggles. Such a great post with awesome tips!

Millie -

Hi Angie, Thanks for your kind words. Yes, having a positive outlook can really help with your daily struggles.

Mosaic Designs -

I started doing affirmations some time back and i feel really good about it and i will continue doing it.

Millie -

Good for you! Keep going and wishing you continued success.


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