Top 5 Benefits of Protein for Weight Loss & How Much Protein to Lose Weight

by Millie
protein for weight loss

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I first became interested in protein several years ago when it seems like all my colleagues were on one or the other of the popular high protein diets. What I noticed is that when they were on the diet they lost weight quickly, but as soon as they ate any carbs, the weight came back even more quickly. So what’s special about protein and weight loss? Here is everything you need to know about protein and weight loss, especially how much protein a day to lose weight.

I’ll share the research on protein for weight loss, as well as my personal experience with protein from my 80-pound weight loss. 

Okay, let’s dig in.

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What is Protein?

Protein is one of the macronutrients or macros and it’s essential to building muscle. As someone who is trying to lose weight, I know how important muscle is to weight loss since muscle burns more calories than fat. But there are still more we need to know about the connection between protein and weight loss.

Most of us are familiar with the common sources of protein – meat, chicken, fish. But beans and nuts are also excellent sources of protein. When I think of the popular restaurant meals or even fast food, it’s clear that we eat a fair amount of protein. And apparently, most of us get enough protein.  

But how can protein help us with weight loss?

Protein for weight loss

Protein and Weight Loss

Protein may be the single most important macronutrient for weight loss and a healthy body. There are five well-researched benefits of protein for weight loss. The advantages include helping with satiety, muscle loss, maintaining weight loss and metabolism.

1. Protein Increases Satiety

The biggest advantage of eating protein for weight loss is that it helps you feel full. And I have found that when you feel full, you are more likely to continue to eat healthy foods (in other words, stay on your diet) and lose weight.

There are many studies which prove protein’s effects on satiety (feeling of fullness). One study in 2014 compared people who consumed three different types of afternoon snacks; high protein yoghurt, high fat crackers, or high-fat chocolate. Those who ate the high protein yoghurt were less hungry in the afternoon. Obviously, if you are less hungry, you won’t eat and consequently eat less.

Nuts and seeds are great high protein snacks

2. Protein Prevents Muscle Loss

The other advantage of protein and weight loss is that it helps prevent muscle loss while you are losing weight. Unfortunately, it is very normal to lose both fat and muscle when you are dieting but eating more protein will help prevent the loss of your hard-earned muscles.

One study in 2013 found that dieters who doubled their protein consumption lost more fat and maintained more muscle mass than those who ate the recommended daily requirement. This is great news for all dieters. And one of the benefits of protein for weight loss.

protein for weight loss
Eggs are an excellent source of protein

3. Protein Reduces Cravings

Another correlation between protein and weight loss is that it reduces cravings. There are several studies which demonstrated that protein can also decrease your cravings. One study found that overweight men reduced their cravings by 60 percent and late-night snacking by 50 percent when they increased their protein consumption to 25%.

Another study discovered that overweight adolescent girls decreased their cravings and late-night snacking when they ate a high protein breakfast.

Most of us who struggle with our weight also struggle with cravings. I had major cravings and especially suffered with late-night binge eating. However, I have found that eating more protein has helped with my cravings and binge eating at night. 

protein for weight loss
Spinach is a high protein vegetable

4. Protein Helps Maintain Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard but keeping the weight off is even harder. But have no fear, the final advantage of protein for weight loss is that it can help you maintain your weight loss.

Participants in one study reduced the weight regain with only a small increase in protein, from 15 percent to 18 percent.

Although I would like to lose more weight, I feel that protein is truly helping me maintain my 80-pound weight loss. 

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protein for weight loss
Greek yogurt is an excellent high protein snack

5. Protein Increases Metabolism

Although several studies have found a high protein can increase your metabolism and help you lose weight, the increase found is usually low and about 80 – 100 calories per day. Therefore it will take you at least 350 days to lose one pound! 

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However, one small encouraging study found participants eating a high protein diet burned 260 more calories a day than those on a low protein diet. If this is true for you, you can lose one pound in approximately 13 days just by eating more protein.

Increase your protein for weight loss

How Much Protein to Eat a Day to Lose Weight

So we now are clear of the advantages of protein for weight loss, but how much protein for weight loss do we actually need?

Most experts recommend that protein should be 10% to 35% of your daily calories. However, you should be on the higher end of the range if you are on a weight loss journey.  

Research has shown that individuals who are trying to lose weight who ate 25 percent to 30 percent of their calories from lean protein (one more time, lean protein) daily lost more body fat and burned more calories at rest! This means you are burning more when you are doing nothing!

You can use MyFitnessPal to see how many calories you should consume to lose one pound (or more) per week. MyFitnessPal will also give you your daily nutrition goals and you will see how much protein for weight loss you need. 

It automatically defaults to 20% protein, but you can edit it. As we saw from the research, to use protein for weight loss you should increase your protein intake to 25% to 30%. So go ahead and increase your protein to at least 25%

And yes, if you eat a higher percentage of protein, you will have lower your percentage of the other macronutrients (carbohydrates and fat). 

Log everything you eat for a week or two. After which you will have a better idea of the right percent of protein, carbohydrates and fat for you. MyFitnessPal will also show you the number of grams that corresponds to the percentage of protein and other macronutrients.

Take a look at my Daily Nutrition Goals

My daily nutrition goals

As you can see, I should aim to eat about 162 grams of protein for weight loss. So what does this mean? Here is a quick guide to high protein foods for weight loss and their grams and calories.

Guava is an excellent high protein fruit

High Protein Foods You Need For Weight Loss (Grams and Calories)

Here are some excellent sources of protein that you can eat more of or consider adding to your diet. My favorite protein foods for weight loss are chicken, salmon and beans. Also, eggs are not only a great high protein breakfast, but boiled eggs make a delicious snack even when you are on-the-go.

If you are looking for a high protein fruit, check out guava. Most people say that it tastes like a combination of pear and strawberry. Guava is not that common so you will have to look for them at special or ethnic markets. I get mine from an Asian supermarket.

And yes, you can have high protein bread. Look for sprouted whole grain. My favourite is Ezekiel bread. You can usually find it in the freezer section of your supermarket. 

I did not include protein shakes on the list since most experts agree that although replacing a meal with a protein shake can help you lose weight, ideally you should get your protein from whole foods.

Since we are also trying to lose weight we also need to pay attention to the number of calories in each serving. Also, note the serving size since most of us eat a bigger portion than listed below. You will have to balance the grams of protein with your calories.

However, it doesn’t matter what diet you are on, or how much protein you eat. If you eat too many calories for your body you will not lose weight and may even gain weight. In fact, any excess calories you eat will be stored as fat.

Finally, it is best to have an accurate measure of your portion size. It is relatively inexpensive to invest in a good kitchen scale and measuring cups and spoons. This is what I have and use every single day. 

ProteinServing SizeGrams of ProteinCalories
Turkey breast3 ounces26138
Chicken breast3 ounces26142
Beef (grass-fed)4 ounces26133
Pork4 ounces24124
Greek yoghurt  (2%)7 ounces20150
Lentils1 cup18230
Salmon (wild)3 ounces17121
Halibut3 ounces1677
Tuna (can)3 ounces1673
Cod3 ounces1570
Cottage cheese½ cup13100
Tofu (firm)¾ cup12150
Cheese1.5 ounce12170
Pumpkin seeds1 ounce9158
Milk (2%)1 cup9124
Peanuts¼ cup9205
Peas1 cup cooked8.5118
Bread, sprouted whole grain2 slices8-12138-220
Gruyere cheese1 ounce8117
Beans½ cup7-10109-148
Peanut butter2 tablespoons7191
Sunflower seeds ¼ cup7204
Almonds1 ounce6164
Cashews1 ounce5157
Spinach1 cup cooked541
Chia seeds1 ounce5138
Guava1 cup4.2112
protein for weight loss
Protein can help your weight loss

Protein for Weight Loss

So now you know how protein can help you with your weight loss, how much protein a day for weight loss is needed and you have a list of protein foods for weight loss. There is no magic pill for weight loss, but protein is as close to a magic pill as you can get.

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No one thing will be the solution to losing weight, but I have found that increasing my protein intake to be very helpful in my 80-pound weight loss. The key to weight loss  for me is to not be hungry. Simply put, if I’m not hungry I can stay on my ‘diet’ for life. And protein really does help me feel full and is one of the reasons for my weight loss success.

Start eating more protein for weight loss today!

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Nikki Wayne January 10, 2021 -

Thanks for sharing about the benefits of protein. Now I’ll make sure to have enough of it.

Millie January 10, 2021 -

It’s my pleasure, Nikki. I hope you see a difference by adding more protein to your diet.

catherine santiago jose January 10, 2021 -

Such a wonderful article, it’s very informative and very detail. Losing weight in this type of way is really fun and easy. I’ll definitely try this stuff, loved it, and thanks for sharing.

Millie January 10, 2021 -

Thanks, Catherine! Anything that will make losing weight easier is a huge benefit.

Hang Around The World January 10, 2021 -

This is a very helpful post because there are so many good info into it and you have written it so well. I didn’t know all this before today. Thanks for sharing it with us. – Amalia

Millie January 10, 2021 -

I am so glad that you found it helpful.

Steven Morrissette January 10, 2021 -

I have to say that I am a butcher and I have been eating lots of fatty meats throughout my 20+ years career and I have not taken weight since even though I eat for literally four persons. I am not saying that my diet is excellent but I never pack weight I was wondering if it was linked to the fact that I eat lots of meat hence lots of proteins.

Millie January 10, 2021 -

Hi Steven, You may have found the secret to your weight! Now I feel that I need to hang out with butchers!

Britt K January 10, 2021 -

Great tips! I think a lot of people focus entirely on calories without realizing that the food choices themselves actually have a significant impact on your weight loss success. I have always loved salmon, which has made it easy to incorporate that into our routine, among other items on the list that you included.

Millie January 10, 2021 -

Hi Britt, I think you are so right! It is more complicated than just calories, food choices are also important.

Amer January 10, 2021 -

Perfect for the New Year’s diet. Hopefully, I’ll stick to this diet this time. Thanks for great tips.

Millie January 10, 2021 -

Good luck, Amer! You can do it!

angela January 11, 2021 -

Thanks for sharing benefits of the protein. I am planning to lose weight but its too hard.

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Hi Angela, I know how hard it is to lose weight. But start with baby steps and you will get there. If I can do it anyone can!

Krysten Quiles January 11, 2021 -

This is super helpful, apparently I need more protein in my diet!

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Thanks, Krysten. Yes, most of us need more protein to lose weight. But it’s not too difficult to add more protein.

Nikola Roza January 11, 2021 -

Who knew that protein is so versatile. I knew we needed it to stay alive and to build muscle, but had no clue that it can even help with weight loss.
Good read!

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Well now you know, Nikola. Protein is way more important than most of us realize.

Kathy Walker January 11, 2021 -

I’ve been on many diets and I know low carbs are the fastest for weight gain but you are right I always gain the weight back. You went into all the reasons to eat more protein some of them I didn’t know. And your chart of lean proteins and amounts we should be eating is very helpful to begin a weight loss journey. Thanks

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Hi Kathy, I’m glad that you found the information helpful. I think it is so hard to eat a low carb diet and not surprisingly you gain it all back. But we can eat focus instead on having a more balance between carbs and protein.

vera ida January 11, 2021 -

A higher amount of protein per serving than regular whey protein which is great for building lean muscle

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Hi Vera, Yes, protein is great for building muscle. I know a lot of people who use whey protein and have had success.

yudith napitupulu January 11, 2021 -

True! Protein helps you stay fully longer which can lead you to eat less.

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Hi Yudith, protein is excellent for satiety which consequently means you eat less! A win-win when you are trying to lose weight.

Celebrate Woman Today January 11, 2021 -

Protein is important for our overall health and metabolism. Learning more about individual components of weigh loss will definitely allow each one of us to make better food options and create a lifestyle of choice where we can thrive.

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Great information! When we make better food choices, we make it easier to lose weight!

Kuntala Bhattacharya January 11, 2021 -

Very informative post. I needed this for my father who is in need of protein diet. Will save your post for reference.

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Thanks, Kuntala. I’m sending positive vibes to your dad.

Emman Damian January 12, 2021 -

I’m a protein guy so I really appreciate this post. I love the table also where it features the different sources of protein. I’ll share this to my family and friends so that they will be informed.

Millie January 12, 2021 -

Hi Emman, It’s great that you have already discovered the benefits of protein. Keep it up!

Sarah January 12, 2021 -

So much valuable information here. It’s nice to see the breakdown of how much protein certain foods have so that I can better know what I’m eating and how much protein I’m getting. I’m trying to lose a few pounds right now, so this information is really valuable.


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