The 8 Best Running Masks for Cold Weather (2023)

by Millie

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One of the most important pieces of gear for winter running is a good face mask. A face mask will help protect your skin from the cold and wind, and it can also help you stay warm by trapping heat in. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best running masks for cold weather. I’ll also provide a few tips on how to choose the right running mask for you.

A lot of people hibernate in the winter, but I’m Canadian so I know how cold it can get in the winter months. I also know how difficult winter running can be even for the best of us. But I’m reminder of a Norwegian saying,  “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” which means “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!” 

In other words, once you have the right clothes the weather you’ll never need to worry about the weather. So when it comes to running on cold days, there are a few things to consider. You need to make sure you have the right gear to keep you warm, but you also need to make sure you can breathe properly. Cold weather face masks can help with both of those things.

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The Benefits of Running in Cold Weather 

winter scene for best running masks for cold weather
The are a few benefits to running in cold weather

Of course you can run indoors or use a treadmill, but running outdoors in cold weather has a number of benefits for your health and fitness. In fact, some experts argue that is better and easier to run when in the winter season rather than in warm weather!

Running outdoors in the winter can help boosts your metabolism. The cold temperatures may increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

Also, some studies have shown that running in the cold can actually help you burn more calories than running in warmer weather.

Of course, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when running in cold weather. First, check the temperature and wind chill factor and make sure you dress appropriately for the conditions. Head and face coverings are essential. Wear layers of clothing that will wick away sweat and keep you warm, but don’t overdo it – you don’t want to get too sweaty and uncomfortable. 

Second, pay attention to your body and how it’s feeling. If you start to feel too cold or too hot, slow down or take a break accordingly. And finally, be sure to warm up properly before heading out into the cold – some light stretching and jogging in place will do the trick.

So if you’re looking to improve your health and fitness this winter, lose a few pounds, don’t forget to bundle up and hit the pavement. You may just be surprised at how much you enjoy running in the cold. 

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The Features of the Best Running Masks for Cold Weather

two runners on a winter trail
A good running mask can help you survive the winter miles

There is a range of different running masks available on the market, but not all of them are suitable for cold weather. I’ll help you to find the best face masks for cold weather by outlining the features that you should look for. With these features in mind, you should be able to find the best cold weather mask for you.


The first and most important feature to look for in a running mask is that it has a windproof outer layer to protect you from the cold wind. This will ensure that your lungs are protected from the cold air as you run. A good windproof mask will also have a layer of insulation to keep your face warm.


Another feature to look for is a running mask that is made from a breathable fabric. A good breathable mask will allow you to breathe easily while running. This will prevent you from getting too hot and sweaty as you run.  You do not want to overheat. 

Some masks have valves that make it easier to breathe, while others are designed with strategically placed mesh or perforations over the mouth and nose area.

Wicking Properties

Look for a mask with wicking properties so that any sweat and moisture doesn’t freeze on your face. This will help you stay comfortable and dry even in the coldest weather.


Another important feature to look for is a comfortable secure fit. A mask that is too loose or too tight will be difficult to run in and can cause chafing. You will want a running mask that fits snugly around your face. 

Look for a mask that covers your full head, as well as nose, mouth and neck coverage. The perfect fit will help to keep you warm and will also protect you from breathing in cold air.

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The Best Running Masks for Cold Weather

If you love to run, you probably don’t let the cold weather stop you. But even the most dedicated runners can be put off by the cold, which is why it’s important to have the right gear to keep you comfortable.

One essential piece of cold-weather gear for runners is a good running mask. A running mask helps keep your face warm and can also help prevent chafing and windburn. 

Nike Therma Sphere Hood

The Nike Therma Sphere Hood is a balaclava-style running mask designed to keep runners warm in cold weather conditions. The hood features a thermal fabric that traps heat close to the body, while the comfortable fleece material provides extra warmth. The mesh mouth and vents allow for airflow and breathability. 

The hood also has a built-in headphone port that allows you to listen to music or podcasts while you run. This excellent running mask also features a zipper closure for a snug fit, and rubberized grip strips to keep it in place. Also, a reflective element will keep you safe in low light conditions. One size and three color options are available.

Adidas Alphaskin Balaclava 

The adidas Alphaskin Balaclava provides runners with an added layer of warmth and protection against cold weather conditions. The balaclava is made with Alphaskin, a fabric that wraps around your face for a snug, comfortable fit. 

Additionally, there is a mesh front panel that facilitates maximum airflow and moisture-wicking, so you can stay comfortable mile after mile. Stay safe with reflective details on the sides and back, Plus, enjoy the versatility and flexibility as there are four different ways to wear this balaclava. This full face mask is only available in black.

Under Armour Headgear Balaclava

Gear up for cold-weather running with Under Armour’s headgear balaclava. This versatile winter running accessory can be worn in a variety of ways to help you stay warm and comfortable while you log your miles. 

The soft, lightweight fabric is treated with UA Storm technology to repel water and help keep you dry, while the snug fit and built-in HeatGear lining help keep your head and ears warm. This balaclava provides ultimate protection and moves with you in every direction thanks to the four-way stretch construction. The fabric wicks moisture away and dries quickly. It only comes in black.

Pearl Izumi Barrier Balaclava

The Pearl Izumi Barrier Balaclava is a great choice for runners who race or train in cold weather conditions and it’s also excellent for other winter outdoor activities. This balaclava creates an airtight seal around your neck, preventing wind and cold air from entering. Yet, it does not get too hot. Plus, It’s loose enough that you can layer it over another winter hat if needed. It’s only made in black.

Smartwool Merino 250 Balaclava

When temperatures start to drop and the cold air begins to fill your lungs, you’ll be happy you have this great face mask, the Smartwool Merino 250 Balaclava. This running mask allows you to get outside and enjoy a winter run without dealing with the cold. 

Made with a double layer of Merino wool, the fabric helps regulate your temperature and keeps you warm and it’s also moisture wicking. And because it’s made from a breathable material and lightweight, you’ll be comfortable mile after mile. You can choose either black or gray.

Oakley Balaclava

The Oakley balaclava is a mask designed to keep runners warm in cold weather environments. The balaclava is made of a thermal fabric that helps keep you warm by trapping heat inside the mask. It does an excellent job of protecting your neck and face. Additionally, the mask includes ventilation holes that allow for airflow and help prevent you from becoming overheated. Only black is available. 

Nike Strike Snood

The Nike Stride Snood is a running mask designed to keep you warm during cold-weather workouts. Made from soft 100% polyester fleece, the Strike Snood blocks out the cold and wind while still allowing your skin to breathe. The Dri-Fit material wicks sweat away from your skin and keep you dry. 

The snug fit design covers your nose, mouth, and neck, ensuring that you stay comfortable no matter how long your run lasts. Breathing and talking are easier with the mesh on the mouth area, Adjust the fit with a bungee pull on the back of your head. 

If you already have your favorite winter hat, the snood is perfect for you. Otherwise you need to wear it with a hat to keep your head warm. Three sizes and two colors are available. 


Nike Dri-Fit Wrap

A wrap is a good option when it’s cold but not cold enough for a balaclava. The Nike Dri-Fit Wrap is made of lightweight, breathable fabric that wraps around your face to keep you warm and comfortable while you run. 

The Dri-Fit Wrap wicks moisture and sweat away and can be worn in a variety of ways. You can wear it as a neck gaiter, or as a bandeau to cover your ears, and more. The reflective swoosh symbol will help to make you more visible to drivers.

Get Your New Running Mask Today!

althelete running with mask
Get your winter tunning mask today

When the temperature drops and the air gets chilly, it’s important to have the right gear to keep you warm, but you also need to make sure you can breathe properly while you’re out on a run.  

A cold weather running mask can help with both of those things. You’ve seen my top picks and important factors to consider that will keep you warm and comfortable on your next winter run. Pick the best mask for you. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

A good idea is to get both a balaclava type of mask as well as a wrap. This way you’re prepared for both cold and extremely cold temperatures and will have a pleasant running experience.

Do you have a favorite running mask for cold weather that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

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