The Best Hot Weather Running Hats (2023)

by Millie
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When it comes to running in hot weather, there’s one essential piece of gear that you shouldn’t go without – a good running hat. The summer heat can be brutal, but a hat will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays and help keep you cool by shading your face and head. It can also help prevent sweat from dripping down into your eyes, which can be very distracting (not to mention annoying!).

But with so many different types and styles of running hats on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. However, I got you covered. I’ll share the best hot weather running hats to help you stay cool while you’re logging those miles.

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What to Look for in a Hot Weather Running Hat 

best hot weather running hats
There are a few factors to consider when buying a running hat

There are many types of hot weather running hats on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Don’t assume that a regular hat will work on your runs, ideally, you want to run and not be bothered in any way with your hat. Your hat should be the last thing you worry about while running. Here are a few things to look for in a hot weather running hat:

Wicking Properties

Look for a hat that is made from a wicking material that will help keep you cool and dry. Wicking fabrics are an important factor to consider since they are able to draw moisture away from the skin and disperse it evenly, which helps to keep your skin dry and comfortable. 


Ventilation is also important in a hot weather running hat because it helps to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating. The most common type of ventilation in a running hat is mesh panels, which allow air to circulate and help keep the head cool. Some hats also have vents near the brow or at the back of the head to further promote airflow.


Look for a hat that is made from a light, breathable fabric. You want a hat that will help you stay cool and dry, not one that will make you hotter.

Sun Protection

A good running hat should also offer sun protection. Choose a hat with a wide brim or bill that will help keep the sun out of your eyes, face, and neck. Some hats have an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun’s UVA rays. 

The color of the hat can also affect sun and UV protection. Darker or bright colors are better than lighter colors as they adsorb or limit more of the UV rays from getting to you. But, of course, you still need to use sunscreen.

Adjustable Fit 

The adjustability of your hat is crucial so you can customize the fit. A poorly fitting hat that is too tight can cause headaches from the continuous pressure on the forehead or scalp. 

Make sure your running cap is snug but not too tight. You want it to stay in place while you’re running, even on windy days, but you don’t want it to be so tight that it’s uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have the imprint of the hat on your forehead. If this is the case, your hat is too tight. 

Most hats have an adjustable closure at the back where you can customize the fit and tightness. It may be Velcro, elastic, bungee pull, snap or buckle and slide closure. Think about what type of adjustment is best for you. What’s easier for you to adjust while running, if necessary? I personally don’t like Velcro because sometimes my hair gets tangled in it.  

Some hats are not adjustable but come in different sizes. So, if you currently have a comfortable hat, you can measure the circumference of that hat before you go shopping for your new running hat. Or you can measure the circumference of your head. And look for a hat with the same circumference.

You’ll also want to select a hat that works with your hairstyle, especially if you have long hair. Do you need a hole for your ponytail? And if you run with sunglasses, don’t forget that your hat should also be comfortable with your sunglasses.   


A good running hat should also have a sweatband on the inner side that will help absorb sweat and keep it out of your eyes. We all hate the burning sensation and blurred vision that comes from sweat in our eyes.


If you’re going to be running in low-light conditions, or your run will start or end when it’s a bit dark, you’ll want to make sure your running hat has reflective detailing to help you stay safe and be more visible to drivers. The number of reflective elements varies, so look for the best option for your running routes.


A hat may be a functional and essential running gear. But don’t underestimate the importance of what you wear. You may have heard that when you look good, you feel good. And there is some research, called enclothed cognition, that confirms and goes beyond this. 

How this relates to running is that if you look like an elite runner with a proper running hat, you may feel, think and run like an elite runner. So it’s not shallow to want to look good while you’re running, your stylish hot weather hat may actually help you to run better. 


Hot weather running hats can range in price from around $20 to $65. So be sure to choose the one that fits your budget. Inexpensive does not mean ineffective or cheaply made. Great sun protection doesn’t have to be expensive.

Consider all these above factors when choosing a summer running hat to ensure you have the most comfortable and enjoyable running experience possible.

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The Best Hot Weather Running Hats

When the temperature starts to rise, it’s essential to have the right gear to keep you comfortable on your runs. A good hot weather running hat, like the following choices, can help protect you from the sun and keep you cool at the same time. Here are the best running hats for those hot days.

Nike Aerobill Featherlight Hat

Nike makes some of the best running shoes, and they also make one of the best hats for warm weather. The Nike Aerobill Featherlight Hat is the perfect running hat for those hot days when you don’t want anything to hold you back. 

The ultra-lightweight fabric and perforations in key areas help keep you cool and comfortable while the Dri-Fit technology wicks away sweat to keep you dry while you log mile after mile. 

The mesh back panel allows airflow to circulate, and the bill construction deflects the sun’s rays. An adjustable strap provides a personalized snug fit, and reflective details help keep you visible in low light, while the Swoosh logo adds iconic style. Only black or white are available.

Lululemon Fast and Free Running Hat

If you are a Lululemon fan, you’ll love this hat. The Lululemon Fast and Free Running Hat is perfect for runners who want a cap that delivers both comfort and performance. The hat is made of sweat-wicking fabric to keep your head cool and dry, while the mesh panels provide ventilation. 

The front panel is curved for a comfortable fit, and the adjustable back closure ensures a snug fit. For me, one of the best features is that you can have a higher ponytail, so you no longer have to have your pony low and resting on your neck. The hat is also quick-drying and has reflective elements. Only black is available.

Headsweats Performance Race Hat 

The Headsweats Performance Race Hat was designed for runners who demand the best in headwear technology but at an affordable price. This running hat is made with their proprietary Eventure knit shell fabric, which is both lightweight and breathable. 

Plus, the terry sweatband will keep your forehead cool and dry, no matter how hot it gets. Headsweats feature a black undervisor to reduce glare. There is also a rear buckle to adjust the fit and an opening for your ponytail. You can select from over ten colors, including some cool bright summer colors.

Salomon XA Unisex Cap

Salomon XA Cap is a great running hat for runners of all levels. The lightweight and breathable fabric wicks away moisture and protects you from the elements. The six-panel design ensures a comfortable fit, especially for those with big heads (like me). 

You’ll love the extra venting on top to keep you cool on the hottest days. Plus, it dries very quickly. With a reflective strap and Salomon logo, this hat will help keep you safe and visible in low light conditions. Twelve colors are available so you’ll be sure to find the best color for you.

Nathan Sports Reflective Hat 

Do you run at night to beat the heat? Check out  Nathan Sports Reflective Hat. The hat is made with a lightweight and breathable fabric but also features reflective accents that keep you safe and visible when you’re on the move. It is perfect for running any time of the day or night but is especially beneficial for early morning or nighttime runs. 

The Nathan Sports Reflective Hat is also adjustable so that you can get a perfect fit, and it has a handy built-in sweatband to help keep you cool and comfortable no matter how hard you’re working. Only two styles are available.

Gone For a Run Ultra Pocket Hat 

Gone For a Run Ultra Pocket Hat is the perfect running companion. This lightweight hat fits snugly and securely to keep your head cool and comfortable while you run. The Ultra Pocket Hat has built-in pockets, one on each side, which can hold your key, credit cards, ID, or energy gel for easy access. 

Plus, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps the sweat away from your eyes and there are mesh side panels to keep you cool. Get the perfect fit with adjustable Velcro strips and the reflective logo ensures that you will be visible at night. Select one of the five fashionable colors and designs. 

Trailheads Race Day Performance Hat 

The Trailheads Race Day Performance Hat is a lightweight running hat perfect for race day, as well as your regular runs. The fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, and the hat has a built-in visor to shield your eyes from the sun. The dark underbill will protect your eyes from the glare and shade your face. 

The reflective trim on the bill will give you some protection when it’s dark. it also has a built-in sweatband, that will help keep your hair and forehead dry while you run. The Race Day Performance Hat is made with a comfortable adjustable elastic band, so you can make sure it fits comfortably and securely and will stay in place no matter how hard you run. Classic and vibrant colors are available. 

rnnr Distance Hat

Looking for a running hat that can keep up with you? Look no further than the rnnr Distance Hat. This hat is designed to move with you, so you never have to worry about it slowing you down. It’s made with lightweight material and a snug fit to keep you cool and comfortable no matter how long your run is. This hat has a 40 UPF rating. Three designs are available and you can choose from three sizes.

Sunday Afternoons Aerial Cap

The Aerial Cap is Sunday Afternoon’s newest and most advanced running hat. It offers superior cooling capabilities and UPF 50+ sun protection. It is made of a very comfortable stretch ultra-lightweight microfiber. You’ll love the ventilation on the crown that help you stay cool on your hot-weather runs. Secure your fit with an adjustable fastening system in the back. Seven colors and eight sizes are available.

Gadiemkesd Outdoor Hat

Looking for a hat that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Check out Gadiemkensd Outdoor Hat! These hats are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand any activity, from running to hiking, in all kinds of weather. 

The best part is that they can be easily folded, without damaging the brim, and fit in your suitcase, backpack, and even pockets. Plus, they are lightweight and breathable, meaning you’ll stay cool and comfortable even when the weather is hot! Although water repellent, it dries quickly when wet. This less expensive hat comes in over 20 colors and designs.

Brooks Chaser Hat

The Brooks Chaser is the perfect hot weather hat for runners. It’s lightweight and breathable, with a back panel that helps keep your head cool especially on long runs. You can avoid the sun and rain off your face with the pre-curved brim. 

The moisture-wicking headband will keep the sweat away from your eyes and forehead. Ensure a good fit with the adjustable straps in the back, The Chaser also features a moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you dry and a reflective logo for safety in low-light conditions. Chose from four colors. 

Outdoor Research Unisex Sun Runner Cap

This running hat from Outdoor Research is perfect for not only keeping the sun out of your eyes, but the removable cape protects your neck from the elements. It’s perfect for trail runners and other outdoor enthusiasts. The cap is made from a breathable mesh fabric that will help keep you cool, and it has a built-in sweatband to help absorb moisture. 

You also get UPF 50+ sun protection. Plus, it’s water-resistant as well as quick drying. Additionally, the Sun Runner Cap features an adjustable strap for a customized fit, and it is available in several different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Buff Pack Run Adult Visor

If you prefer a visor, consider Buff Pack Run Adult Visor. It’s a running visor that is perfect for all sweaty activities. The terrycloth headband lining helps to absorb sweat while the mesh fabric on the top and sides allows air to flow through, keeping your head cool. 

The elastic band provides a comfortable and secure fit, and the reflective logo helps you stay visible in low light conditions. One cool feature is that the visor will not lose its shape when folded! Choose one of the four great colors.

New Balance Performance Visor

Another great option for a visor is the New Balance Performance Visor. It is a lightweight and breathable running visor that is perfect for those hot summer days. It features an adjustable hoop and loop closure for a personalized fit, and a built-in sweatband that wicks away moisture to help keep you cool and dry. The reflective logo provides some visibility at night. Choose from six colors.

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Which Hot Weather Running Hat Is Your Favorite?

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and run. But if you’re going to hit the pavement in the heat, you need to make sure you’re prepared. That means dressing for the weather and protecting yourself from the sun.

One of the best pieces of gear you can have on a sunny day is a good running hat. A quality running hat can help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, keep you cool and dry, and make you more visible to drivers. My top picks for the best hot weather running hat have something for everyone and for every budget. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

Don’t let the summer or hot weather keep you indoors, grab a good hat to protect yourself from the sun and get out there!. You’ll be glad you did when you’re feeling great at the end of your run. Hot weather should not be a reason for you to stop running and ruin your fitness goals. 

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